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Non-NHS Service Charges

Certificates and Forms
Private sick note £15.00
Freedom from infection £19.00 Inc VAT
Private medical insurance claim form £33.00
School fees insurance claim form £45.00 Inc VAT
Insurance (sickness/accident) or holiday cancellation claim form £31.00 Inc VAT
Fitness to travel £48.00 Inc VAT
Any other private certificate/form (simple) £36.00 Inc VAT
Any other private certificate/form £78.00 Inc VAT
Vaccination certificate £30.00 Inc VAT
Insurance Reports/Medicals
Medical £92.50
PMA Report £89.00
Supplementary report £22.70
Other Medicals/Reports
Coroner’s report £82.00 Inc VAT
Court exemption full medical report £160.00 Inc VAT
Court exemption report only £133.00 Inc VAT
Driving medicals
HGV/PCV/LGV £118.00 Inc VAT
Elderly/Taxi/Racing £79.00 Inc VAT
Report no exam £113.00 Inc VAT
Employment medicals - private companies £200.00 Inc VAT
Employment medicals - local authorities £100.50
Employment medicals - NHS prospective £54.00 Inc VAT
Report only - private companies £154.00 Inc VAT
Pro forma report - private companies £97.00 Inc VAT
Report only - local authority £41.00 Inc VAT
Report only – NHS employee £30.18 Inc VAT
Housing medical £53.00 Inc VAT
Housing report only £30.18 Inc VAT
Private medicals £225.00 Inc VAT
Medical - Government department £131.00 Inc VAT
Report only – Government department £90.00 Inc VAT
Pro forma report – Government department £60.00 Inc VAT
Access to records under Data Protection Act  
Computerised records £10.00
Manual records or combination of manual/computer records £50.00
Private patients  
Private patient normal consultation £49.50+cost of drugs
Private prescription only, no consultation £15.00+cost of drugs
Travel Abroad  
Please refer to separate price list for full details of vaccination costs
Other service fees will be given on request

Please note: These prices are inclusive of VAT (where applicable) at the current rate of 20% and some prices may be subject to change.